About Me

I’m a born and bred Midwesterner, a former social worker, a wife and a mom. Traveling with my family of five is one of my greatest pleasures, be it a road trip to an off-beat site, a visit to a national park by rail or a flight afar for a complete change of pace. It’s not easy: my middle son has type 1 diabetes, celiac disease and a life-threatening peanut allergy. Family vacations and the planning involved take on a new dimension with these medical struggles.

Enjoying a fabulous meal -- on vacation!

Enjoying a fabulous meal — on vacation, of course!

As a social worker, I honed the skills necessary to find resources and connect people with what they need. This was my favorite part of the job! As a curious person, I’m always in pursuit of information, usually related to nutrition, health and travel. And as a traveling mom, all of these aspects of me journey together, ensuring many safe, enjoyable (and affordable) trips for my family. Imagine me in a corner store in Paris, the shopkeeper about to close and I’m scoping out products sans gluten and sans la cacahouète (peanut). Despite a momentary crisis, we found a solution and learned some valuable lessons along the way.

In this blog, I share thoughts, philosophies and resources that pertain to travel with medical conditions. While I have learned a great deal from extensive research, my failings have taught me a lot, too. (Remind me to tell you about our Amtrak trip in 2008…) The philosophies shared also include parenting. My hope is that you will connect with me and teach me, as well. Embracing obstacles with careful thought and preparation makes a successful family vacation possible. It benefits each family member on a personal level, too. In fact, it sweetens the trip!


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