About this blog

IMG_2200Sweeten The Trip is a travel planning blog geared toward families affected by medical conditions that include diabetes, celiac disease and food allergies. Successful and memorable vacations are possible with thoughtful planning! This blog features useful resources, travel planning ideas and practical tips for packing, keeping insulin cool, eating healthfully on the road and more. I also share philosophies that I’ve picked up along the way, both for travel and parenting.

This blog wouldn’t be complete without information from you! Feel free to share what you have learned as well. Happy Travels!


  • I have a son has same conditions as yours. Thank you for all your research and I am happy to find your blog.

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    • Satomi, So sorry for the LATE reply! Life has been busy and I have all but abandoned the blog. It’s so rare to meet someone whose child has the same conditions! I’m so glad that the posts have been useful. If you have experience or tips that have worked for you, I would love to hear it! Best wishes to you.


  • I’m not sure if you are still responding but I feel like I’ve found my needle in a great big haystack!! 2/3 of my children have multiple life threatening food allergies (a long list that includes peanut, most tree nuts, soy protein, garlic, mustard, egg, rice, sorghum flour…and more). They both also have asthma. My 14 year old son also has eosinophilic esophagitis (dx at 9 yo) and type 1 diabetes (dx 4 mo ago). Life has been rough! Nice to see your blog. I’ve been hoping to find a family with similar conditions and when I opened this months issue of AL I was so surprised. Not that I’m happy your son goes through this, just that someone out there gets it!

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    • I’m still here! So sorry that your family is faced with so many of these health challenges. I’m glad you found my blog and would love to connect. I knew there must be others who manage multiple diagnoses out there. And what a rough list! T1D is so new — only 4 months?! Thanks for reaching out. I’ll try to get in touch with you directly.


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