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The Day My Son’s CGM Went Swimming

Preparing for vacation with diabetes is a lot of work. You plan. You make lists. You pack your plethora of supplies. Then it’s time for the ride, which is always a thrill, but not always in a good way. This past summer, after much planning and anticipation, we made it to Hawaii. Picture us on a special outing to magnificent

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Taking Diabetes Devices Through Airport Security Can Be Stressful! Have You Tried TSA Cares?

Airport security. Those two words conjure up lots of images… Waiting. Watching the clock. Scrambling. Scrambling to get carry-ons onto the conveyor belt. Scurrying to remove shoes, unload purses, jackets and other personal belongings into trays. Answering children’s questions while urging them to help. Last minute searches to find the 3-1-1 bags of liquids and gels. And so on… Diabetes

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